Tools & samples

Callback emulates Windows callback functions using SAL function calls. Using Callback you can obtain a function pointer which can be used for SDK function calls (for callbacks, hooks or window procedures).

BuildTool hooks into TD's Project/Build menu, provides a unique build number for every build and keeps track of date/time, machine name and user name. This information can be stored in the outline or in external files.

BoxEater helps to get rid of the annoying runtime error messages generated by the TeamDeveloper runtime environment.

Subclasser provides support for dynamic message numbers by mapping dynamic numbers to static.

SetResource is a Windows resource editor for TD executables. It can be used to add bitmaps, icons, manifests and other resources.

XPButton is a class library that shows TD picture buttons in XP style.

XPTabs is a class library that replaces qcktabs.apl (all settings are kept) and displays tabs in XP style. Additionally there is support for tool tips, images and tab association at runtime.

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